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With the Right characters, your story WILL unfold.

Let Bold Characters Media Company tell your story. Over 20 years experience in multimedia and design come together to offer a unique perspective on your vision. We bring modern design elements together with old-school techniques to visualize your content. We provide custom solutions using video, 2D graphics, 3D imagery, and animation. Using these assets and more, we want to make you the main character. 

What We Do

What We Do

At Bold Characters Media Company, we offer a wide variety of multimedia services. If you don't see what you are looking for below, please contact us for more information. These are just a few solutions we offer to help you stand out from the crowd.



We offer comprehensive video services, from conceptualization, to storyboarding, to editing, to post production. We use the latest equipment to offer up to 6k resolution in any format to meet your needs.


Graphic design

We offer a wide range of graphic design services, from logos to websites, to e-learning content. The 4 graphics above, the "Bold Character" at the top of the page, and all other graphics on this page showcase our talent. 


Motion graphics

We offer motion graphics and animation services in both 2D and 3D. These flourishes can be utilized to enhance content and make it more memorable. We utilize the Adobe Suite of apps to make a statement.



We offer user interface and user experience design to create distinctive and engaging experiences for the user.  Our use of  modern design techniques and  UI/UX knowledge will ensure an intuitive and user-friendly product.

Who We Are

Who We Are

We joke that Michael was born with a pencil in his hand. He has had a passion for the arts - drawing, movies, sculpting, graphic design, etc. as far back as he can remember. During his school years, you'd always find him in at least one art class. Though he took photography, painting, print work and sculpting classes he has always had a passion for directing films/videography, graphic design, drawing sketch art and special effects.  

Lauren took a longer, windier path to her artistic talents. She didn't realize her painting talent until she was in her early 30's and had 3 little children. That's when she created her furniture painting business. If you talk to her in person she'll tell you the stories of carrying furniture up to a second floor display space with two kids strapped to her. Since then, the business has grown to include the sale of antique and vintage home decor and novelties. 

The bulk of Michael's career has been spent working for non-commercial/military clients. Since we are very creative people, the restrictive nature of classified work felt less artistic than he'd prefer. We decided that it was time for us to jump into becoming full time owners of our own multi-media company. We were in a position where we were ready for personal artistic growth and the challenges of entrepreneurship. We consider ourselves the ultimate Bold Characters in the story of our life.

Michael and Lauren, Owners
Nolan, Rescue Pitbull and the face of Bold Characters

Our Work

Bold Characters brings over 20 years experience to every project. Most of my career has been doing work for the government. Unfortunately, this doesn't allow me to share most of my work. However, below are a few examples of things I have brought to life over the years. 

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